Monday Mid-Month Moods Vol.2

A healthy dose of distracting images, moods, and moments. These are some of the visuals, our very own Gary Indjian has been reflecting on lately. 
"Here, here’s simple and happy, that’s what I meant to give you.” - Beginners
John Prine by George Rose, 1981 (Rest Easy our friend)   
The City in the Air by Arata Isozaki 
A concept city by the Pitzker Prize winner that comes from the Metabolism movement - where the focus is on human association and mobility. 
Harold & Maude,1974, Italian Release
The bread queen herself - Nancy Silverton - in 1989. Get well soon, chef! 
Artist Marc Hundley takes a photo of his poster.
This image has followed me around for many years and contains my favorite poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay titled 'exiled'.
'The Marbler System' by Warner Marbler
Haruomi Hosono
Minor Threat by Glen E. Friedman - The artist behind all your favorite band's photos. 
Porsche 912 in Darjeeling Limited