Rumblings From the BB Crew: Mellow Coffee Jams Vol. 5

I knew almost instantly that Travis was absolute gem of a human being moments into our first conversation. His wide span of interests and ability to riff on just about anything, reflect an experience and existence enriched by interacting with anyone and everyone. I'm almost always at the shop on the weekend, and having Travis' Mellow Coffee Cart as part of the BB universe has been something that keeps me: motivated, positive, and most/best of all caffeinated.

One of my favorite things about Brother Brother is the eclectic mix of people Greg and Gary have been able to curate as shop-hang staples. One of the first conversations Greg and I had was about the space being a place to “share the stoke” and I think It’s a refreshing take on shop culture especially in LA. We tried to encapsulate this type of diversity in a playlist which at a glance looks like its bouncing all over. But we’re stoked on every tune and the each represents a vibe we’ve been privy to while we work our little coffee trailer on the weekends. We miss all our BB gang friends and can wait to get back! - Travis Harvey (Mellow Coffee)