Rumblings From the BB Crew: Michael Jams Vol. 4

We've got rad friends who do equally rad things. I've had the pleasure of knowing my pal Michael for quite some time. What started as a tenuous, "friend-of-a-friend" connection, became a relationship reinforced by a shared interest and affinity for: movies, music, culture, and art. We asked him to put together some tunes for us, and he did not disappoint. Have a listen to the latest installment of Rumblings brought to you by a friend-of-the-shop.


"I find great pleasure in sharing music; there’s nothing quite like hearing a great song for the first time which is an experience I try to reciprocate whenever possible. Whether it’s reverb-soaked twang, hypnotic grooves, motorik reveries or esoteric flavors steeped in psychedelia, I welcome you to take a sonic voyage with me as we try to capture that elusive state of mind."

- Michael Lee