Monday Mid-Month Moods Vol.1

A healthy dose of distracting images, moods, and moments. These are some of the visuals, our very own Greg Okawachi hasn't been able to kick out of his head.

Pirelli Tires Ad by Armando Testa, 1954

Pirelli Advertisement by Armando Testa, 1953

Audrey Hepburn, Babushka and Loafers

Bill Murray, Shoots a Minox DCC

Charros Tabacco Mexicano, 1944

Mickey O'Neil, Snatch 2000

Mario Moreno, 1964

Ferris Bueller, 1986
James Hunt, 1976
Kendall Roy, Lyricist and Media Mogul
Kurosawa & Mifune in Venice, 1963
Tim Maia, LP 1970
Pierott le Fou, 1969
Rod Laver, Amsterdam 1969
Tigra Tabacco Belgium, 1972