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Popeye Magazine - 'Long time no see, Kyoto.' - December 2022


"There are many people who say "I can't go at all anymore", right?
"Popeye" is also featured in Kyoto for the first time in five years.
This time as well, I've been in the middle of the day with the momentum of creating an editorial department in the city.
I was really impressed by Kyoto, where long-established shops and traditions never change,
I've also discovered and enjoyed quite a lot of completely new Kyoto.
There are plenty of things I want to do, and the main guide page is over 50 pages,
The city map I made as a digest of the interview is gyu gyu,
To the core spots that 22 Kyoto lovers carefully guided us,
Comes with an EAT-UP GUIDE that summarizes only delicious rice!
Why don't you take this book and take a trip to Kyoto in autumn?"

Origin: Japan 

Theme: Men's Fashion, Culture 

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