Brother Brother

Brother Brother- 2 Pack T-Shirts- Black/Natural


There is no denying the impact of a great t-shirt to one's wardrobe. For us, it is what we gravitate toward whenever we shop a new line or check in with our favorite retailers. Match our pursuit for the perfect t-shirt with an obsession for versatile packaging, and you'd get 2 tees in a nylon ditty bag. One black tee and one natural tee "grown & sewn" entirely in the USA. Keep em both, or share one with a friend.

The natural colorway is a beautiful, neppy, unbleached blank, and the black colorway is dyed in a deep black that will stay deep and true with proper wear and care.

  • 2 x tees (Black and Natural) in a water resistant nylon ditty bag.
  • 100% raw organic cotton in a 5.5 oz versatile weight.
  • Size like you would your BB Shop Tee.
  • Made entirely in the USA (organic cotton: grown, spun, sewn, dyed).
*Care tip: if you like the size fresh out the bag? Wash cold, hang dry. If you plan on washing hot and scorching it in the dryer, expect slight shrinkage...not a full size, but it'll come up a little in the length and sleeves.

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