Rumblings from the BB Crew: Corey Brindley Jams Vol.7

Long before I had the pleasure of working with Corey Brindley, our paths had crossed and we'd always remained within a couple degrees of separation. Somewhere along bridging the gap between my career in advertising, the surf industry, and fashion/lifestyle, I had sent a linkedin message to Corey. The transcript of that communication has since been lost in the annals of a (dot)edu email address. I imagine it was a cold email with the intention of buying him a beer and picking his brain on how I could follow a similar path as him. As things go: plans were made, rescheduled, and eventually scrapped. Years passed, our resumes developed, but eventually overlapped. I can only speak for myself, but I knew almost instantly that Corey and I would be great friends. He's a usual suspect in my iMessage inbox, a frequent plus one to record fairs, and always down for a lunch time pint (or 3). He took some time to select some chunes for us and the playlist feels like a dreamy radio show (which he has) of obscure radness.

"In finding out how to love the lockdown, I’ve found it quite nice to take a stroll or a drive with no particular destination. Less people out and about brings empty roads and provides more opportunities to soak it all in, and appreciate our surroundings. This playlist was built with that in mind, a soundtrack to your day; a movie in need of an ending, but not waiting for one. A meditative companion of sorts."