Rumblings From The BB Crew: Travis Alexander Jams Vol. 14

There's something nostalgic about California. I have fond memories of LA, especially in the 70s & 80s, even though I was born on the other side of the country in 1986. Let me ask you something: do you believe in past lives? Yeah. Me neither. 
My whole life, I've pined over this particular brand of sentimentality about a time and place I've never seen with my own eyes—a longing for this fictional when that never actually happened to meI have recurring dreams about living in a houseboat and partying at punk bars. I have memories of being a studio musician at Sound City. I once saw Vince Ferragamo throw for over 500 yards in one game. I owned a pair of Oakleys for chrissakes. But, as we all know, past lives aren't a real thing. Right? Ahh, heck. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say anymore. I never could explain it very well, so I made a playlist to do the talking for me. 
These songs are all red convertibles, pink neon signs, and palm trees swaying on a backdrop of melon twilight. This playlist is a Friday evening disco nap. It's the soundtrack for a Saturday night spent in the bathroom stall at Al's Bar, and Sunday morning on the deck of my houseboat, sipping Cutty Sark and listening to AM Gold. 
Listen, I know that past lives are a bullshit theory, okay? I get it. You don't have to keep telling me about it. But, if, hypothetically speaking, they were possible, then surely I spent the 70s and 80s in Los Angeles, and let me tell you, things were so much simpler then. 
- Travis Alexander